Check the Record - How Councillor Ed Corrigan Voted!

City Council Term 2000-2003

ED LED the campaign to restore the Tax Free Allowance for Councillors thereby saving theLondon tax payer $233,000 in 2003 budget and more in future years.

ED VOTED AGAINST the 8 week vacation bonus and $4,500 monthly increase for Jeff Malpass as Acting City Manager. Joined by Councillors Armstrong, Baechler and Winninger.

ED VOTED AGAINST the exit package for Jeff Malpass

ED VOTED FOR the release of the details of the John Jardine "$230,000 retirement package".

ED VOTED FOR the public release of information on all staff exit packages.

ED PROPOSED that minutes of senior management meetings be kept to help ensure accountability. Recommendation adopted by senior management staff.

ED VOTED to support the Middlesex London Health Unit's proposal to protect the environment and the health of our residents by banning the cosmetic use of pesticides.

ED PROPOSED two successful resolutions to improve air quality

ED VOTED FOR the by-law, restricting smoking in public places to protect public health

ED VOTED FOR freedom of speech at Market Square

ED VOTED to ban the use of municipal tax dollars for donations to political parties

ED VOTED FOR the investigation and disclosure of the tendering for the water contract

ED VOTED FOR and helped win an enhanced naturalized buffer area for Warbler Woods

ED VOTED FOR preserving Reservoir Hill as open space

ED PROPOSED a successful motion to ensure fair access to tickets at the John Labatt Centre

ED SUPPORTED the release of information in the Duncan/Nash Reports on Sexual Harassment

ED SUPPORTED a quick solution for the Col. Talbot/401 interchange traffic problems

ED SUPPORTED a fair and democratic process for community input on traffic calming

ED SUPPORTED building a permanent Westmount Library after 19 years ofdelay

ED SUPPORTED the west-end expressway instead of expanding Ward 7 arterials to 6 lanes and to improve traffic flow and ease congestion in London.

ED VOTED FOR a Ring Road so that London could better manage future traffic flows.

ED PROPOSED that the Landmarks London granting system be subject to public input andreview before final approval to help ensure accountability of public funds.


I pledge to continue supporting the lowest tax increase possible without unacceptablereductions in service, and I will continue to fight for openness and transparency in City government to help ensure accountability.

I want to hear your concerns. I can be reached at (o) 439-4015 (r) 652-0973 or at