Choosing Your Councillor

By Ed Corrigan

Your Village News, October 27, 2006

I strongly support fiscal responsibility, investment in infrastructure that will produce dividends for London and openness and transparency in government. I will work for getting bus service for Lambeth and a Community Sports Complex for South West London. I will fight for fiscal responsibility, moderate and responsible growth and job creation to help create employment and help get people off welfare and for London to prosper.

The Ontario Municipal Board decision to create 14 Wards gives us an opportunity to decide what type of representation we want. The intent of the OMB decision was to create communities of interest and to connect the elected official with the Ward. Having a strong connection is important and one of the main ways to do this is living in the ward. You can choose to vote for someone who lives in the ward or vote for someone who does not live in the Ward. You have to decide who represents your views and interests best.

I represented Byron and Lambeth between 2000-2003. I have lived in Ward 9 for 46 years. I would be honoured to serve once again. You can check my web site for more information about my campaign and views.