Former Councillor Ed Corrigan Files Nomination Papers For Ward 9


MARCH 14, 2006

Former City Councillor Ed Corrigan has filed his nomination papers to run to represent Ward 9 on London's City Council. Ed was elected in November 2000 in his first campaign for public office. Corrigan states Athat serving the constituents of old Ward 7, in the past, was an honour, whether it is helping solve constituents' problems one by one, or by participating in the larger issues of Council. Both roles were enjoyable and rewarding experiences. He would like to serve the interests of the residents of the Ward in which he has lived for 46 years and return for another term on City Council. Under the new 14 Ward system Byron and Lambeth, parts of old Ward 7, now make up the new Ward 9.

Ed also has a long and accomplished record of community service. He has served on the Board of the Cross Cultural Learner Centre in London, Ontario; is a past chair of Neighbourhood Legal Services, a poverty law clinic run by Legal Aid Ontario; the founding president of the Lambeth Community Association, and also served on the Board of the Canadian Club of London.

Between 2000-2003 he served as Councillor for Ward 7 on the City of London, Ontario municipal city council. In that capacity he represented the City of London on the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority Board and on the Lake Huron Water Board. He also was a member of the Byron Business Association and Lambeth Community Association.

Presently he serves on Orchestra London-King's College Music Reigns Committee and on the Sun-Fest Cross Cultural Arts Committee Board of Directors. He is active in other community and professional associations.

In June 2004 the Law Society of Upper Canada certified Ed Corrigan as a specialist in Citizenship and Immigration law. Ed also sits on the Law Society of Upper Canada Certified Specialist Selection Committee for Citizenship and Immigration.

Ed Corrigan states: "I was very proud of my voting record and attendance at Council meetings when I had the honour to serve the residents of Byron and Lambeth. As a member of Council, I fought successfully and have consistently advocated openness and transparency in our City government. I stand on my past municipal record for helping make London a safe and clean community in supporting the No Smoking Bylaw and a ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides."

"My voting record demonstrates support for a balanced approach to growth, economic development and for controlling city expenditures. One such example was my role in restoring the tax-free allowance for City Councillors which saved tax payers of the City of London hundreds of thousands of dollars."

The City of London has now rebuilt its infrastructure to make London one of Canada's truly great cities. Ed also keeps the promises he makes and will not offer promises that cannot be kept in order to win votes. Ed promises to work for the building of a Community Sports Centre in Byron and South-West London after many years of delay and neglect. Ed diligently returns his telephone calls and emails.

"When I was on Council I supported and successfully fought for improvements in the Central Library, the restoration of Storybook Gardens, upgrades for the John Labatt Centre and investments in the Ward including the Byron Fire Hall, the Lambeth Splash Pad and the Oxford Street Bridge extension. These projects demonstrate that residents of Ward 9 got real value for their tax dollars when I was on City Council. I also played a key role in keeping open the Civic Gardens complex."

"Having lived in Ward 9 for many years, I know this community and I care deeply about our community. I ran in November 2000 to ensure that new development in southwest London would proceed in a manner that respected the community's interest. While President of the Lambeth Community Association, I was instrumental in negotiating an agreement with the City of London to protect residents of the area by getting City Council to commit to installing covers on the holding tanks for the proposed Southside Pollution Control Plant, as well as other safeguards for the area."

"This arrangement allows the City to develop southwest London and harness the 401 and 402 highways as an engine of economic development while also safeguarding the interests of residents. I will continue to work to safe guard the residents of the area while providing for the opportunity for growth and the attraction of industry to south-west London. I will do so in a fiscally prudent fashion."

"I want to ensure that the Southside plant safeguards are honoured, and that London's development proceeds in a manner that protects the environment and respects the interest of all the residents of Ward 9."

"I bring to the Council more than 25 years of active community and municipal experience. I will make important contributions to Council during the next term of Council by effectively representing the residents of Ward 9 by providing exemplary service and moderate, effective political representation that truly represents the interests of Ward 9 and the residents of Byron and Lambeth."

Ed Corrigan can be reached at home at 652-0973, at his law office at 439-4015. His fax number is 439-7657. His mailing address is P.O. Box 178 Lambeth Station London, N6P1P9. His email for municipal and election inquires is If you have any questions or would like to get involved with Ed's campaign please contact him.