The Southside Pollution Control Plant

By Ed Corrigan

published in Your Village News, November 10, 2006

In 1999 City Council approved the site for the location of the Southside Pollution Control Plant (PCP). Only Councillor Eagle was opposed. The Lambeth Community Association, of which I was president, won a number of important guarantees including covers on the primary tanks which will reduce or eliminate all adverse impacts of the plant.

The City has budgeted for completion of the Southside PCP in 2016. The amount of money spent on Southside PCP to date is about $4.3M. Using watershed gravity flows to move the effluent eliminates or reduces the need for pumping stations and will reduced annual energy consumption and save a substantial amount of money. The City will be able to close the outdated Westminister and the Southland PCPs and greatly improve effluent treatment and water outflows to the Thames River.

The Southside PCP will help London protect the environment from the adverse impact of residential and industrial growth in southwest London. Building the plant will also enable London to attract new industry, create jobs and build a tax base that will pay dividends to the City for many years to come.

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